“The starry heavens above me and the moral law within me” Immanuel Kant – Critique of Practical Reason

What is beauty?

This is how Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines “beauty”: 1) a quality that people, places, or things have that makes them very attractive to look at 2) a woman who is very beautiful 3) a quality that something such as a poem, song, emotion etc has that gives you pleasure or joy 4) a particularly good quality that makes something especially suitable or useful 5) a very good, large etc example of something 6) beauty is in the eye of the beholder: used to say that different people have different opinions about what is beautiful 7) beauty is only skin-deep: used to say that how someone looks is not as important as a good character.

Beauty attracts and seduces us and it somehow gives us pleasant feelings like joy, but it’s also virtuous and it adds value to our world. What if something achieves the purpose it was created for but it’s not aesthetically pleasing? Continue reading “BEAUTY AND PEACE”

Illness and life changing events: the courage to follow your heart

And one day the shadows come, the real one, not the ordinary pain and sorrow. The first feeling is disbelief: it cannot happen, it’s just a nightmare, tomorrow it will go away. Tomorrow it’s even worse, you know that you are in deep trouble and your life has changed forever, no one is going to give your carefree days back.

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How Apple killed Airpods Pro’s Active noise cancellation with a firmware update

I’ve been testing the Airpods Pro for quite a while now and I would be ready to write a thorough review, if a substantial problem hadn’t intervened: the Active noise cancellation quality was reduced with the firmware 2B588 in mid November and the problem persists with the latest firmware 2D27. The original 2B584 firmware is the only one not having issues but there is no way to stop the update, which is automatic. Continue reading “How Apple killed Airpods Pro’s Active noise cancellation with a firmware update”

Apple Watch Series 5 | 5 years afterwards

It seems like yesterday when the first Apple Watch was introduced in September 2014 alongside the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It was a pivotal moment for Apple not only because it was the first new product since the iPad in 2010 but also because, as we now know, it was the time Jony Ive began to feel frustrated and unsatisfied. In the next years, he focused more on different projects like the Apple Park and these helped him to prolong his bond with the company created by his “Most close and loyal friend”, Steve Jobs. Continue reading “Apple Watch Series 5 | 5 years afterwards”

The aesthetic of the concealed identity of the most influential artists | From “The young Pope”

“Ok, who is the most important author of the last twenty years? Careful now, not the best, virtuosity is for the arrogant, the most important, the author who has sparked so much morbid curiosity that he became the most important? 
-I wouldn’t know. I’d say Philip Roth. 
No. Salinger. The most important film director? 
– Spielberg. 
No. Kubrick. Contemporary artist? 
-Jeff Koons. Or Marina Abramovic. 
Banksy. Electronic music group? 
-I don’t know the first thing about electronic music. 
You say Harvard is a good university! ( The word “Harvard” may impress people around here, but to an American, it means one thing only: decline.) Anyway, Daft Punk. The best Italian female vocalist? 
– Mina? 
Very good! Now do you know what it is, what the invisible red thread is that connects them all, all these most important figures in their respective fields? None of them let themselves be seen. None of them let themselves be photographed.”

Pope Pius XIII

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One month with the iPhone XS Max and why I returned it

The first five iPhones had the same screen size and they were designed to be comfortably held in one hand. Steve Jobs died in 2011 and he left projects for the following years. In 2012 the iPhone 5 featured a bigger screen, the 0.5-inch gain was obtained trough a taller screen. This meant that the 5 has the same width as the 4, and the one-hand usability was therefore mantained, the screen ratio changed due to the increased number of vertical pixels. So far so good.

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Transhumanism | San Junipero and life after life

And though time goes by

I will always be

In a club with you

In nineteen seventy three

James Blunt – 1973

Suggested songs for background during reading:

  1. Alphaville – Forever young
  2. Belinda Carlisle – Heaven is a place on earth
  3. James blunt – 1973

Some periods of our life are so above average to resemble a different existence. That exhilarating feeling of walking three meters above everyone else, of fulfillment and joy, like the world is revolving around us and our favorite music is in the air. It can be days, weeks or years for the most fortunate. Almost everyone has had or is going to have his. The Daft Punk would call it the “prime time of your life”.

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Why I chose the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak over the Patek Philippe Nautilus



It all started at Baselworld in April of 1972, then known as the Swiss Watch Show, when Audemars Piguet released what is now known as one of the most iconic watches ever. A new daring step in the watch world, a luxury steel watch with an integrated bracelet and a new daring design. Continue reading “Why I chose the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak over the Patek Philippe Nautilus”

FM-2030 | The story of a Transhumanist

“I am a 21st century person who was accidentally launched in the 20th. I have a deep nostalgia for the future.” FM-2030

Imagine this situation at an Hotel’s reception:

– Hello my name is FM-2030 and I have a reservation for tonight.

– Good morning and welcome, what is your name again?


-Ehm your legal name, the one in the documents

-Yes that is my legal name

Fereidoun M. Esfandiary changed his legal name because he thought that names can be connected with nationality, ethnicity and religion, thus restricting the individual freedom to live independently from its roots. It’s a tag that will always weighs on a person. FM are his initials but it can also stands for Future Man. 2030, instead, is the hundredth anniversary of his birth and he also thinks that, around that year, a singularity will occur. Continue reading “FM-2030 | The story of a Transhumanist”