Welcome to Princeple.me! I am The Princeple. As a child I used to design and build (with red bricks, with lego and with everything I had), I wanted to be an engineer or an architect. As a teenager I fancied myself as a doctor, scientific discoveries are thrilling and incredibly interesting. My attention to detail and the noble idea of justice were among the reasons why I eventually graduated in law. I love sports (especially tennis), video games, retrogames and cars. I watch a lot of tv series and movies and I read about medicine and finance.

I opened this blog to share how my interior world relates to things and people that surround me. The aim is to explore the entity formed by the meeting of individual sensitivity and perception trough senses. I believe in beauty as the ultimate principle to distinguish what is right and fair.

You will find articles about aesthetic, design, technology and many beautiful things humans and nature created. I have no affiliation whatsoever to the companies or organizations I will mention, my continuous effort is directed towards freedom of judgment. The Princeple seal of approval will be a simple tool to rate the products I will review.

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