A beautiful 2018 to you!

There’s no chance to avoid making a review of the last 365 days that have just gone by. We divide time in years and, while tomorrow will be just another day on earth we can use the switch from 2017 to 2018 to boost our motivations.

Personally I will try to evaluate the year that just passed in these main 4 categories:

  1. How was my health?
  2. How did I do emotionally?
  3. How was my career/financial situation?
  4. How did I do with my hobbies?

This is a simple but effective way to get some highlights of the year. Remember that in life you don’t know how many days you have left so health is at the number one spot, without it you won’t be able to have all the rest.

For the new year I am used to set no more than 4 goals. Everyone is good at writing a 100-point long list but the chance of losing focus is too high so i prefer to go for few but solid ones.

I have noticed that in English the word used before “new year ” and “birthday” is “HAPPY“. Happy new year, happy birthday. In Italian instead “buon” is the preferred choice. Buon means good. Something like “have a good one”. It’s always interesting to reflect about the lexical choices. There’s an important difference between good and happy. Happiness is a much more complex concept, a man can be good, own good objects and have a good family and friends . Does this automatically make him happy? Absolutely not.

By this time you should have noticed that I wished you a beautiful year as I find the source of happiness and justice in the concept of beauty. Beauty first, everything follows. It needs bravery to face beauty though so be brave and try to connect with it on a deeper level!

These are my quick reflections on the New Year’s Day , I hope it was useful and that you may look, in one year, back satisfied in having reached the goals set today!

What I certainly want to do is to enhance the frequency of my articles and the quality and features of this blog so stay tuned!

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