American Psycho: a possible explanation

I used to think that the day would never come (Omissis) To the childhood I lost, replaced by fear I used to think that the day would never come That my life would depend on the morning sun

New Order – True Faith

I’m going to reflect here about the big excitement and enthusiasm that this movie can give and I will propose a possible interpretation of this complex world. Is Patrick Bateman a killer? Is it all just a dream?

Warning: spoilers ahead

American Psycho is the story of Patrick Bateman, an handsome New York investment banker working in his father’s firm. His “golden” world is made of Michelin starred restaurants and Amex Platinum credit cards.

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The centre court: the temple of tennisĀ 

Every child that starts playing tennis dreams about his hero and just for a moment fancies triumphing in arguably the most important tennis tournament: Wimbledon. The center court of the All England lawn tennis and croquet club is a place where history was made, many brave and extremely talented athletes met their destiny there. As a boy I remember seeing those giants handling racquets with a diameter of just 85 square inches and a weight close to 500 grams (okay that was mainly SamprasšŸ˜…) hitting bullets traveling at more than 200 km/h. Some stories are fairytales: Continue reading “The centre court: the temple of tennisĀ “

I had a nightmare. How the monsters of the subconscious are born.

I am at Wimbledon in one of the roads surrounding the all England lawn tennis and croquet club, it’s a sunny day and green is the dominant color. I see three terrorists running, they have a beard, their eyes show no emotions, they look high, they are probably on drugs, fake bomb belt wrapped around, there’s no police and I know they are going on a killing spree, i don’t have a weapon, I confront them with my bare hands, I have no expertise in fighting or personal defense, my chances are little, Continue reading “I had a nightmare. How the monsters of the subconscious are born.”

Twin Peaks Season 3: how to

“This is the water. And this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within” The Woodsman in Twin Peaks – Season 3 Episode 8

Spoiler alert: some mild spoilers aheadĀ 


We won’t forget soon those words we heard in the latest episode of Twin Peaks together with the instant classic: “Got a light?”. In the end credits the man, who gets darker in face as his actions get more violent, is credited as “woodsman”.Ā As you know if you watched the series the woods around twin peaks hold a terrible secret and… Continue reading “Twin Peaks Season 3: how to”