Christmas gifts | Dieter Rams: as little design as possible

Late for Christmas gifts? Here’s an idea, a tea table format book about the legendary designer Dieter Rams. Also one of the main fonts of inspiration for Jony Ive. You can buy it on Amazon on this link. Down below you will also find the link for another of his fundamental book.

Dieter Rams was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1932. In 1955 he began work at Braun, a company at which he became head of design in 1961, and at which he stayed until 1995. While there, he produced and oversaw some of the seminal products of the twentieth century, including radios, shavers and kitchen appliances. At the same time, he designed furniture for a small company, Vitsoe + Zapf (later Vitsoe), which is still in production today. In addition to his work as a designer and design manager, he is well known as a lecturer and for his “ten commandments” of good design, which advocate innovative, useful and durable products.

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