Design talents: Thomas Knipe

For today’s design talents episode we have a young British designer, Thomas Knipe. Tom’s main areas of focus are architecture, cars, and footwear. He regularly uses CAD and digital rendering softwares for product development, as well as PhotoShop for touch ups. He also uses the app Procreate for iPad Pro benefiting from the Apple Pencil’s precision.

I asked him about his first contact with design and how he decided to walk this path. That’s how he answered: “I have always been creative as a kid. My first contact with design was in high school during my GCSE’s. I applied to Brunel University in early 2016 through UCAS. I thought about design courses when I was in my final year of college studying engineering. I liked design and didnt want to take engineering any futher. I hope it leads to a good job and someday I would like to own a design studio or co own”. Design is not only how something looks but ultimately how it works. Therefore designers and engineers work closely to create a successful product. Many designers studied engineering, a subject which is related but requires a different set of skills. A good engineer can be a bad designer and viceversa.

Here’s some of his creations:

Concept car stage design. The almost frameless and flush glass windshield and roof is fascinating but it would require a formula 1 like seats where the knees are higher than the hips and the legs are almost parallel to the ground.

Architectural sketch of a modern mansion. The container-like units give that industrial feel which doesn’t feel like home.

Nike and Y-3 (Yamamoto, inspired by Y-3 Ryo high top sneaker) sketches. It’s not a secret Tom would like to work for Nike or other companies that produce sneakers. I think that designing shoes is crucial for market shares nowadays. Most people don’t even know the difference between a running shoe and a casual wear shoe. Let’s not even talk about shoes with neutral support, stability shoes and motion control shoes. They just care about how cool it looks and sometimes how “comfortable ” it is.

I will soon write an article about some 2017 Nike shoes I’ve tried and the most iconic tennis shoes of this century.

A dock and charging station for the Apple Pencil. Apple has been widely criticized for the charging solution they came up with. You basically remove the top and stick the lightning male connector into the iPad. An accessory like that would certainly be useful. Belkin sells a dock on the Apple Store for the Apple Pencil but it doesn’t provide charging.

A young professional at the beginning of his career should experiment as much as possible and it’s not worth closing a door for good. Never say never. Now he is experimenting with materials at uni and broading his skills and horizons.

If you want to know more about him and his work click on the links below. I will keep you updated on his future projects and Tom will be featured again on

Useful links:

Tom’s Instagram page

Tom’s Behance page

A selection of images will be published on The Princeple Instagram page

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