How to unbox your favorite gadget

Unboxing a product is always a joyful moment of discovery and excitement. I’ve noticed that, regardless of the material they are made of, boxes get scratches, bruises and other annoying damages trough the years. Because of this, the product loses value both on the pre owned and the collectors’ market.

As I’ve mentioned in the “about” section one of the aim of this blog is to investigate the entity created by the meeting of our own sensitivity and the beauty of things around us.

When I embraced this concept it became obvious that ripping off the plastic wrapped around the box was a violent and primitive act. There should have been something better to do and to take care of it. Throwing plastic away is also a wound to our planet, the oceans are devastated by plastic micro-beads, plastic bags, plastic everything.

I developed a simple procedure to open the products keeping the plastic suitable for being put around again.

For iPhone until iPhone 7, other Apple products and all the others. You only need a nail scissor. Open the lateral side making little cuts where the black arrows are, in order to guide the tearing or the cut. Lift the plastic in order to extract the box. This example is from the South Park the fractured but whole special edition for Ps4, but I did it with laptops, cameras, gimbals etc. Once you have finished the unboxing slowly reinsert the plastic.

From iPhone 8 on. Apple has modified its plastic and it’s now easier to open it because it is now a little plastic box. You have to slightly pull up the tab with the green arrow Apple created, and extract the few millimeters of plastic folded and glued underneath (highlighted by the red arrows in the pic). This will allow the same extraction move as before. If you follow the Apple arrow till the end you will tear the folded lateral sides apart, making it impossible to recompose it. I wish Apple considered this and didn’t create a mechanism that automatically rips the plastic apart.

Videogames (PS4, XBOX, Nintendo etc). Here you have to follow the preexistent tab cutting it at the beginning at just the same width as the watermarked strip (the yellow arrow is the start position) . Leave about half centimeter intact after going all around the box and slip the inferior plastic off leaving that half centimeter as a hinge. Remove the upper plastic and put it in a safe place. Once you have finished playing the game and you are sure you want to sell it or keep it for your collection carefully reinsert the upper plastic and then reinsert the bottom part. This is not easy because the bottom part is tilted due to the hinge, but with some practice it can be done without tearing the plastic. Put a little piece of tape at the end of the seal to recompose the plastic in the original position (the blue arrow indicates the intact watermarked strip that creates the hinge, and slightly above you can notice the little piece of tape i used to keep the whole strip in place). A variant can be to open it as a little plastic box like it’s a case one in this list, it needs patience because there are a lot of folded angles but it can be done on the inferior part that will eventually result invisible when the box is in the shelf.

Who will say thank you after this little graceful gesture:

1) The planet. Tons of plastic not released into the environment.

2) Your wallet. The plastic will protect the box and the item will hold value better for collecting or reselling.

3) Your housekeeper. No dust or liquid will penetrate inside the box. Less efforts needed.

Save a little piece of plastic today and make a difference 😉

What’s your attitude towards the cellophane wrapping the boxes? Leave a comment below.

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