I had a nightmare. How the monsters of the subconscious are born.

I am at Wimbledon in one of the roads surrounding the all England lawn tennis and croquet club, it’s a sunny day and green is the dominant color. I see three terrorists running, they have a beard, their eyes show no emotions, they look high, they are probably on drugs, fake bomb belt wrapped around, there’s no police and I know they are going on a killing spree, i don’t have a weapon, I confront them with my bare hands, I have no expertise in fighting or personal defense, my chances are little, the adrenaline is pumping and my senses are sharp, I don’t feel anything, I don’t feel my body, they have knives, the first one tries to stab me I catch his hand and manage to turn his knife against him I kick it and he drops the knife, the second one is over me i roll on the ground to avoid a fatal wound, i am keeping them busy they are stuck they can’t go on with their plan, I don’t know how the fight goes on but it seems to last forever, police finally arrives, I’m terribly scared they won’t understand I am not one of them, I scream help and i run they understand and shoot the suspects. Someone taped the entire scene, I am called a hero, the queen wants to see me, I am just on vacation I don’t have a proper outfit, I buy a suit and at buckingham palace the royals and the prime minister compliment me. They ask me if they may do something for me. I say I just want to have enough space on national tv to share my story. I’m in a dark room with spot lights, it’s a tv set, the interviewer says I saved many lives and she asks me if I realize it. My eyes are wet. I start explaining my conception of beauty, the need to care deeply , the connection of beauty with love and with moral. My existence is not important if related to concepts like good and evil. They are beyond life and death. When something terrible happens evil is created and a need to counter balance it arises. They wanted to spread terror and death. It was my moral responsibility to act, I didn’t really have a chance, in that moment i was a tool of good. This is a scene of the epic episode 8 of the third season of Twin Peaks: When an atomic bomb detonates a creepy creature spits out balls of pure evil, in one of them Bob, the character that is the personification of evil, can be seen. In a palace on a lonely island in the middle of a stormy sea a huge bell is ringing and a giant turns it off, he then goes to an ample room that looks like a theater where he looks at the video of the detonation, he then floats in the air and produces a shiny golden cloud that takes the form of a ball and the face of Laura Palmer can be seen inside. A lady (credited as Senorita Dido) sends it to earth. Atrocious facts like wars, weapons that can destroy the whole human species or terrorist attacks assault the subconscious of each and everyone of us. Evil crawls inside of our souls without us being aware. Even children that can only partially understand what happens are affected. PSTD (post traumatic stress disorder) comes at different intensities and it’s not to be undervalued and has to be treated by experienced professionals. The existence of a bomb so powerful to raise the ground of entire cities was a scary event for humanity, we felt so guilty ufologists said that aliens didn’t visit us because they were disgusted by our ferocity. In other words, we felt ashamed in front of the entire universe. We have to fight hard to let our values prevail. The interviewer asks me about my bravery and why I did that. I reply that I live by these principles and I suggest everyone should collaborate to create a beautiful world where there’s no need for heroes and no need for “giants”. As the good giant in Twin Peaks i felt a compelling need to compensate for that evil acts and restore peace. I am wounded, my soul has absorbed a great amount of horror and evil. But my message has been broadcasted, I hope millions of people could be touched by my story, I’m very private, I don’t like the spotlight, I feel a splint of peace, I did something beautiful.

P.S. : It’s important to know that the above actions are not compatible with the guidelines in case of a terrorist major attack as you can read here: you should run and if you can’t, hide and call emergency services describing the scene and the suspects.

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