Christmas gifts | Manfrotto Pixi, Red Dot Design Award

Our smart phone is a device we always have with us and that we use for an increasingly higher number of tasks. Sometimes we are limited by the fact that we have to hold it with our hands. A mini tripod is what we need to have our smart phones on the desk or other surfaces and continue with what we are doing. The Pixi is also perfect for our photographic needs.

The Manfrotto Pixi is a two section (the simpler one section is also available) mini tripod that we can use with a photo camera trough the embedded 1/4″ screw or with a smart phone trough a clamp like the Manfrotto one in the photo. The ball head is quickly adjustable and a scroll gear enables to attach cameras with precision. There’s also a selector to switch for normal mode to a very low to the ground mode where the legs are spread apart. The experience is absolutely hassle-free.

It’s a RedDot Design Winner in 2014. It was designed by day italian Cesare Carlesso.

The combination of aluminium and the extremely light Adapto polymer material underlines the premium quality of this tripod. You can clearly see that this isn’t a careless cheap product.

A very cool idea for Christmas available in black, white and grey/red special edition at around 25€ for the one section and 42€ for the two section.

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