Porsche Design by Lacie. External hard drive

Our life is now in a world made by 0 and 1. It looks like this, like an hard disc.

I feel some pleasure in sensing that in this way I’m already a robot, my memories and my capabilities are enhanced by data storage solutions and computational skills. Our photos, our documents, our password, our old chat conversations, our videos…everything is stored somewhere.

Even if you use a cloud based service like iCloud your datas are stored in so called data farms. They look like this and they are often situated in cold countries to facilitate the cooling system.

I wanted to buy a new more capable HD to change my Western Digital My Passport which has been making a great job over the years, and off course i wanted something with an interesting design. On Apple Store i immediately noticed the Porsche design HD; the gold color was perfectly calibrated, a subtle and refined gold tone, i loved it.

The unit has an iPhone4-ish structure with a protruding band going around the sides. As I said before the gold tone is awesome and the bezels looking up are glossy and reflective (iPhone5-ish?). It has one USB-C port and a little status light.

When I connected it to my Mac the problem started. The software was embarrassing, it wasn’t even updated to the Retina display resolution. The interface was complicated and the icons seemed to be found in a CD from the early 2000’s. I found the option to encrypt it with a password (necessary step for data protection). The process started but it looked like it was never going to finish. Long story short the HD was bricked, it wasn’t even recognized by Mac Utility Disk anymore, it was impossible to format it. There was no way to update the software, do the procedure again and after a few tries I packed it and sent it back. I don’t even remember the last time I saw such a lousy software.

So beautiful on the outside, so rotten on the inside. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

I will buy a Western Digital My Passport again. Not charming design but reliable and with an excellent software suite.

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