An aesthetic roadmap 

In my first fundamental article about beauty I was voluntarily unspecific. That was the start of a journey, I am going to analyze some specific areas of the aesthetic realm:

  • Technology between industrial design and liberal arts
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Artists and art
  • The skyscrapers
  • Death vs Life: tidiness, cleanliness and perfection
  • The eternal youth and the continuous reincarnation in videogames
  • What I stand against: cynicism
  • The beauty of the intangible
  • We will always be in the summer 2005, where? In San Junipero or elsewhere?
  • Music and lyrics
  • Beauty and scientific research: the goal of a lifetime

This is not an exhaustive list and it will be updated as ideas develop. Articles won’t necessarily follow that order. If you have any suggestions about topics you’d like to hear about contact me trough the contact form in the dedicated page and we’ll evaluate together.

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