Christmas gifts | Shure MV88. External mic for iOS devices

In some situations the internal microphone of the iPhone or the iPad is simply not good enough. Do we want to take a nice video for the memories at the concert of our favorite artist? What about that cliff with a wonderful view in that super windy day? And that important lesson at University?

In all the cases when we need an high-quality mic but we don’t have enough space to bring a full video equipment the MV 88 is a super simple hassle free solution. Just connect it to the lightning port and it will be immediately recognized. It can be bend 90 degrees to point in the desired direction. Basically you’re ready to enjoy your new microphone but if you want to fine-tune it download the Shure app to set it according to the sound stage and The type of sound we want to record. It comes with a windscreen foam ball and a little case.Very fine and rare item.

What are your favorite tech gifts?

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