Sneaker lacing design flaws: Adidas and Valentino

Our feet bear all of our weight and they can affect our whole posture. That’s why it’s important to choose good shoes that supports our anatomical features and differences.

Outside the elite world of custom shoes usually spread in the professional sport and in the orthopedic world, one size should feet almost all, that’s why laces were invented to customize the upper part of the shoes.

Having tried many different shoes in the last period, with very poor luck due to the will to find shoes that not only looks good but also fits great, I couldn’t help but notice some design flaws in the lacing system of at least two shoes.

Starting with Adidas this was the most lousy mistake because, unlike Valentino, there is no aesthetic reason for this. It is just a careless product.

The Adidas Court vantage designers had the brilliant idea of making round leather rough round holes and pair them with flat hard plastic-like laces: couple of the year!

In addiction the whole shoes is very large and with an unusually large internal tongue.

Results: laces don’t slide and it’s almost impossible to find a proper fit, moreover for slim feet like mine the leather warps on the outside with a very unaesthetic effect but also the internals tongue warps and it hurts.

These Valentino shoes on the other side are pretty impossible to lace unless you want to sprain your wrists. Here we have the justification of trying to find a unique design by covering the central part of the lacing system with a piece of leather. Unfortunately even here the laces are hard and they don’t slide properly but also the central laces are unaccessible due to the leather strip and so you basically have to pull all the lacing system from the front laces using brute force.

With a price tag of almost 500€ the design fault is unacceptable because of the laziness. You want to revolutionize the lacing system? You insert metal super smooth holes that make the sliding so easy you can control everything with the two front laces. They actually didn’t change anything, round leather holes and flat laces…lazy.

And here comes Nike with their React shoes, schooling them all. As you can see the holes are flat as the soft and elastic laces and the lacing process is pleasant every day and the fit is easily customizable.

I am willing to sacrifice function and comfort on the altar of pure form but this is not an absolute concept.

If I can’t lace it I am not buying it.

What’s your favorite pair of shoes and why? Leave a comment below!

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