Transhumanism | Neuralink: Elon Musk’s brain-computer interface

Elon Musk is the crazy one humanity needs, not only Tesla, not only SpaceX and OpenAI, he also has time to develop a project about an implantable brain-computer interface.

The company was founded in 2016 in San Francisco and it’s no coincidence that the headquarter is in the same historical building as the artificial intelligence company openAI. Both companies are located in the Pioneer building and Musk thinks that one of the purpose of building a neural network over the cortex is to merge humans with AI, although he repeatedly expressed his concerns about an unchecked development of the AI and its potential catastrophic consequences for humans.

Neuralink is a brain-computer interface that uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone or computer.

The first goal of Neuralink is to find a treatment for brain ailments of all kinds, it will be aimed at patients suffering from serious conditions like dementia and Parkinson’s. It will also aid the deaf in hearing, the blind to see and those paralyzed to move. On August 29, 2020 Musk and his team held a keynote and they announced they got the FDA approval as a breakthrough device, thus allowing to start human experiments soon. They showed the progress they made on pigs and the datas obtained every time the pig smells something, They also showed a pig that had a procedure to remove the implant to demonstrate it is reversible. The device has been shrinked in size remarkably since the first iteration, it comes in an airtight package with hermetic substrate.

The robot

A specifically developed robot is in charge of the delicate procedure of installing the single electrodes into the brain cortex, avoiding the blood vessels thanks to a high resolution camera. Once the procedure is complete and the wound is closed the implant will not be visible.

After the main medical objectives will be achieved, the applications are virtually unlimited. Preserving and enhancing the brain, ultimately merging with AI, telepathy, maybe even streaming contents like books or music, I hope with no ads. This is a significant glimpse into an advanced phase of transhumanism that will allow us to change our biological destiny by actively interacting with the nervous system rather than just accepting or adapt to impairment and diseases.

What will be most interesting applications?

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