Christmas gifts | Which MacBook should you buy?

Now that the MacBook Air has been updated after 3 years the question is more difficult than ever: MacBook 12″ Retina, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

Let’s see the characteristics of each machine together in this quick orientation guide.

MacBook 12″ Retina

It is the smallest and lightest MacBook, the screen measures 12 inches, it weighs just 0.92 kg and the thickness goes from 0.35 cm to 1.31 cm. It has only one USB-C port and a jack audio port. This means that you cannot charge the MacBook and use an external device without using a dongle. The port allows to use a single 4K display. The latest model is from 2017 and the speed is enough to use photoshop without suffering, but you should at least choose the i5 intermediate configuration.

It’s perfect if you want a super portable and light device and you are ok with the premium price.

MacBook Air 2018

The Air you love has come back in style, the screen measures 13,3 inches, it weighs 1.25 kg and The thickness goes from 0.41 cm to 1,56 cm. So it’s bigger heavier and thicker than the MacBook 12. Considering the 512 gb configuration, which are a minimum if you store photos and videos on your Mac the price is €50 higher than the MacBook. But it has two thunderbolt 3 ports, the touch ID to unlock it, the latest keyboard mechanism and the latest generation Intel processors. The performance of the eight generation processors grants superior performance compared to the MacBook 12. The Air also is the MacBook with the longest battery life with its 12 hours of “web navigation ” time.

It’s perfect if you want a pretty powerful machine with a great battery life but you can sacrifice a bit of portability.

MacBook Pro

Here the prices begin to look frightening but remember that MacOS is an investment and that these are the best assembled machines in the world. They are built to last and be updated for a long time. It’s difficult to change components so I would advise you to buy the upgrades in ram, storage, processors and graphics cards at the purchase to avoid any future issue.

The MacBook Pro 13,3″ weighs 1.37 kg and the thickness is 1,49 cm. It’s a little bit heavier and occupies more volume than the Air. Also, the screen has a wider color profile thanks to the P3 specification and you can connect two external 5K displays.

The 15.5 inches weighs 1.83 kg and the thickness is 1.55 cm. This starts to be much heftier and less portable.

We have to make a difference immediately because if you buy the non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro you are buying a 2017 processor. The Touch Bar MacBooks , instead, have been updated this year. They also have a huge improvement as the new processors are quad-core for the 13,3″ inches too. The non touchbar MacBook Pros are still a bit faster than the Air but the new ones are much more powerful. They have the touchbar, the touch ID, improved Bluetooth 5.0, true tone displays and four thunderbolt 3 ports instead of two.

The 15,5″ has been updated with unprecedented 6-core processors and Radeon Pro and Pro Vega discrete graphics cards.

The non touchbar Pro is perfect for people looking for a more complete laptop then the Air, the 13 inches touch bar is perfect for those who are looking for powerful four core processors in a compact machine. The 15 inches is perfect for the ones looking for the best performance available in a MacBook, that will allow you to edit raw photos and 4k videos smoothly.

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