Transhumanism | A mindset for the future

Summer is the season best spent chatting with friends in a lounge bar facing the sea. Last summer I did exactly that; a Mojito, the scent of the sea breeze and the pleasure of meeting an interesting person.

“I personally don’t want to surrender to my natural instincts, I would like to detach from my body and live in a pure mental state in order to avoid the natural imperative of mating that degrades us to animals”. The seeds of the desire to transcend into a different being were already inside me, as this quote from the article about love and attraction testifies.

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Christmas gifts | Manfrotto Pixi, Red Dot Design Award

Our smart phone is a device we always have with us and that we use for an increasingly higher number of tasks. Sometimes we are limited by the fact that we have to hold it with our hands. A mini tripod is what we need to have our smart phones on the desk or other surfaces and continue with what we are doing. The Pixi is also perfect for our photographic needs.

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