iPhone X | First impressions

“Say hello to the future” Apple says. But future can wait for now as the iPhone X will be available in November. In the meantime we can  console ourselves with the iPhone 8 and 8s which go on preorders on September 15 and on sale on the 22nd. X as ten, ten years from the so far so close 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the very first iPhone. The iPhone X is the first one that completely change the user experience, Continue reading “iPhone X | First impressions”

Cars: the ultimate art’s form

When i was a kid driving was reserved to adults, it was some kind of a mythological activity, it was supposed to be so sweet to drive a fancy car around with friends or lovers.

When I turned 15 my mom bought me a little lightweight 4-wheel vehicle, i got it just after school finished in June and i just had the time of my life during those years. It was so amazing to be on the street for the first time with my own music on an audio cd I had just burned, one of the first tracks was “Diamonds on the inside” by Ben Harper! The sense of freedom of going wherever and whenever I wanted was absolute and inebriating. Continue reading “Cars: the ultimate art’s form”

Human’s beauty, love and the rules of attraction (Part 2/2)

In part one we talked about external and internal beauty and the relation between the two to find, if not a definition, a synthesis.

Beauty in itself is not necessarily linked with attraction, we can think that a person is beautiful in every possible way but not be attracted at all. Contrarily attraction can be present in the absence of a judgment of beauty. I think there’s a confusion between these two concepts because they are often examined together. They are off course connected because some beautiful traits can attract us. But if what I said before it’s true there must be something more. Continue reading “Human’s beauty, love and the rules of attraction (Part 2/2)”

Human’s beauty, love and the rules of attraction (Part 1/2)

When I first wrote about beauty i expressed a general concept that can have a universal validity but some areas of the aesthetic realm deserves some special attention, and human’s beauty is one of them.
The coincidence of beauty with a sense of peace can withstand the severe test of today’s topic but needs to be deepened. The peculiarity is that we’re dealing with humans here not with objects, we’re not talking about industrial design and software engineering; we have a constantly changing body, a character, a soul, an education, basic needs and much more sophisticated ones. Continue reading “Human’s beauty, love and the rules of attraction (Part 1/2)”

The sublime 

In the history of philosophy there’s a long tradition about the concept of sublime. An inspired artistic experience without rational rules it’s how Plato tries to frame it in the Phaedrus, dated around 370 BC. In the first century DC in the essay “About the sublime” by an unknown author there’s an explicit distinction between the beautiful, founded on formal perfection and the sublime, which finds its origin in powerful feelings and belongs entirely to the emotional domain. This essay was rediscovered in 1554, Continue reading “The sublime “

The centre court: the temple of tennis 

Every child that starts playing tennis dreams about his hero and just for a moment fancies triumphing in arguably the most important tennis tournament: Wimbledon. The center court of the All England lawn tennis and croquet club is a place where history was made, many brave and extremely talented athletes met their destiny there. As a boy I remember seeing those giants handling racquets with a diameter of just 85 square inches and a weight close to 500 grams (okay that was mainly Sampras😅) hitting bullets traveling at more than 200 km/h. Some stories are fairytales: Continue reading “The centre court: the temple of tennis “

I had a nightmare. How the monsters of the subconscious are born.

I am at Wimbledon in one of the roads surrounding the all England lawn tennis and croquet club, it’s a sunny day and green is the dominant color. I see three terrorists running, they have a beard, their eyes show no emotions, they look high, they are probably on drugs, fake bomb belt wrapped around, there’s no police and I know they are going on a killing spree, i don’t have a weapon, I confront them with my bare hands, I have no expertise in fighting or personal defense, my chances are little, Continue reading “I had a nightmare. How the monsters of the subconscious are born.”